This Week in Kittens: The Class of 2015 Part II

Kitten season is in full swing, so there’s no time for a vacation after graduation. Therefore, without further ado, let me introduce the second Class of 2015.

IMG_1262As you can see, our new class is extra tiny, extra fluffy, and extra adorable. Mom Carmel is pretty cute, too.

IMG_1269This class contains two girls and two boys. The girls are petite dilute calico Dawn…

IMG_1248…And Russian blue Dusk.

IMG_1257And the boys are cuddle-loving marmie Toffee…

IMG_1249…And chunky monkey Butterscotch.

IMG_1282IMG_1271This litter of roly-poly dumplings has only just figured out how legs work. They really are so endearing at this age!



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This Week in Kittens

It’s graduation week for the Class of 2015! Needless to say, they did not sit together for a class photo.


It’s been a short session for this class, but there’s been plenty of cuteness to go around.

IMG_1130Not to mention plenty of antics.

IMG_1141Jersey has overcome her shyness and is now a lively little kitty.

IMG_1166But for sweetness, it’s hard to compete with April.

IMG_1131Pangur Ban enjoys sunbeams.

IMG_1182The litter is now at the shelter getting snapped up as quickly as you’d expect. And the Class of 2015 Part II will be here soon!

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This Week in Kittens

It’s been a subdued first week at the Katz Family Culinary School and Home for Transient Mammals. As is traditional, everyone came home from the shelter with the sniffles. Nothing serious, but enough that lying about has been the main order of the day.

IMG_1011Not that they can’t be lively (and hard to photograph) when they want to.


It continues to be difficult to get a group shot of this class, largely because mom Olympia loves people so much that she gets up and walks over whenever someone enters the room, no matter how many kittens she disturbs in the process. She is not Mom of the Year.

IMG_0952Pangur Ban is definitely mama’s little girl. Were they human, they’d be one of those mother-daughter duos who wear matching outfits.

IMG_1112Jersey is shy. But I can hardly blame her, since I’m constantly grabbing her and putting medicine in her mouth. She’ll come around.


April, on the other hand, loves to be held.

IMG_1022Everyone is gaining weight well and I expect the class of 2015 to graduate on schedule in two to three weeks.

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The Class of 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the Katz Family Culinary School and Home for Transient Mammals Class of 2015. Heading up the clan is gorgeous snowshoe matriarch Olympia.

IMG_0946This year’s class is all-female. We have April…



IMG_0814And Pangur Ban. I’ve wanted to name a white kitten Pangur Ban for ages.

IMG_0922As you can see, at about six weeks old, this class is older than my previous classes. They are already very active and about ready to try solid food. I expect graduation to come in about three weeks.


But don’t worry, until then they’ll be well documented.

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This Week in Cats: An update on Khoshekh

IMG_07452015 is all set to be a good year for cats. Khoshekh is out of his cast and greatly enjoying his newfound access to the entire house (particularly the couch). His favorite toy is the cat track and he can often be found curled up inside it, keeping an eye on the ball in case it tries anything. And best of all, there’s an adopter who is planning to come get him at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Honey got snapped up in no time at all. Of course she did, with that cute face!

IMG_0528That leaves us with just one foster who hasn’t been spoken for: Tawny, our long-term resident. But she did have fun posing in a festive holiday collar.

IMG_0705Kitten season is almost upon us, so we expect new arrivals soon!

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This Week in Cats: A Christmas Surprise

It’s been an exciting week here at the Katz Culinary School and Home for Transient Mammals. One of the local residents, Duke, has been adopted by a loving, wonderful family. But there’s no rest for the weary: With the Christmas season has come a rash of animals in need. Without further ado, let’s meet the new arrivals.

IMG_0530Honey is a nine-month-old girl who was abandoned in a shopping cart. She is friendly, healthy, and cute as a button. She just arrived yesterday, but she’s already making herself at home and availing herself of the house’s various convenient windowsills. We just need to work on the “stay off the desk” rule.

IMG_0559She is spayed and up to date on her shots, so she is ready to be adopted immediately!

IMG_0543This nine-month-old boy is not having a very merry Christmas, as you can see. His owner brought him to the vet claiming that he has never been outdoors and that one morning his leg was just inexplicably broken. Yeah, right.

The story only gets weirder: They paid for his $3000 surgery and then abandoned him. Luckily, Kitten Rescue was there to be his Christmas miracle.


Despite his infirmity, he’s a good-natured, affectionate boy who never stops purring. He is expected to make a full recovery and will probably be available for adoption in six weeks to two months.


Upon learning that he needed to be confined to the bathroom, Jordan immediately dubbed him Khoshekh.

If you are interested in either of these sweet cats, contact Kitten Rescue.

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Why do I like fireworks?

Aside from them being bright and shiny and a great chance to get in touch with your inner pyromaniac, I mean.

It’s simple: I like them because they are made of gunpowder and, most of the time, gunpowder is used in weapons.  That’s it’s purpose.  We use it to kill and destroy.  But one day a year we take this weapon, pack it in a cardboard tube with metal shavings and a fuse, and make it into a toy.  We beat our swords into ploughshares and make our gunpowder into fireworks.

Have fun and be safe, everyone.

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