Requiem for a Ham

It is my sad duty to announce that, last night, Blinky went to run on the big hamster wheel in the sky.

Blinky was the most athletic of our hamsters.  He was the first to climb up the bars on the side of the cage, the first to do monkeybars across the top, and the only one to successfully climb onto the water bottle.  By this last mechanism, he got out of an 18″-tall cardboard box.

He was very focused on escaping whatever he was in.  When in their hamster maze, he would immediately run to the closest corner and climb out.  He would jump off hands, the couch, and his cage, and usually then made a beeline for the bedroom.  He was fast!

He didn’t care much about food.  He would drop a treat in a second if he had a chance to climb out of the cage.  He was the smallest and thinnest of our hamsters, but we could never get him to eat more food.

Blinky is on the far left, Pinky is looking up, Inky is on the top, and Clyde is the darker one

He loved to explore new places.

You will be missed, Blinky.


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