Hamster Sociology

The other hamsters behave differently with Blinky gone. They are still fighting, so Clyde has been moved to a different cage. Without anyone to disturb him, he’s making great strides towards his eternal goal of never leaving his coconut for any reason, ever.

The other two are also much less active. They’re doing a little running and climbing, but there are no more competitions over the wheel and no more of the frantic climbing that makes it difficult to close the cage because, while you’re putting one hamster back in, another is climbing out. I also haven’t seen anyone doing monkeybars.

Blinky was low in the pecking order, but it seems like the other hamsters learned from all his acrobatics. He would try new things, like getting to the top of the cage by scaling the water bottle, and keep trying no matter how many times he failed and fell off. When the others saw him doing things successfully, they would copy him. Without Blinky to set the example, it looks like there will be far fewer hamster antics.


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