Oddity of the Week

The Catch-A-Dream foundation, a conservative knockoff of the Make-A-Wish foundation that “grants once-in-a-lifetime hunting and fishing experiences to children 18 years old or younger who have a life-threatening illness.”

This charity was founded specifically because the Make-A-Wish foundation has a clause prohibiting wishes from involving firearms and other weapons.  While they phrase their programs in terms of taking children on “outdoor experiences,” their FAQs specifically say that “[o]ur policy restricts dreams to “hunting and fishing experiences” rather than “outdoor things.””

After all, what better experience for a dying person than to go kill something?


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One response to “Oddity of the Week

  1. Mom S

    This is crazy!
    Here is a partial quote from one of the testimonials on the site: “The heart felt warmth and kindness that was extended to me and Cody while at your home is above and beyond letting a little sick boy kill a deer.”
    Where does a person begin to make of such a statement?

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