Oddity of the Week, Part II

Yes, this was supposed to be a weekly feature, but I posted the previous oddity before the Supreme Court judged that live video footage of the Prop 8 trial would inhibit a fair trial.

If you haven’t been keeping up with California’s machinations, Democrats are appealing to overturn Prop 8, which banned same-sex marriage and was itself a response to the California Supreme Court’s ruling approving same-sex marriage the previous year. California Justice Walker (no, not that one), who will be judging the case, is a moderate conservative who has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage before. Walker ruled to allow live video streaming of the case. Conservatives appealed, ostensibly because opponents of gay marriage could be subject to harassment. The underlying logic is clear enough, though: the court is likely to overturn Prop 8, and conservatives need to be able to cry foul and whip up their base for the subsequent new bill or supreme court trial, whichever direction it goes. This is much easier to do if the actual court proceedings remain obscured.


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