What Gives

I feel privileged that I stumbled upon this blog in January, because it will only be running (as such, anyway) for a year.  It’s called What Gives, and the author has pledged to give away $100 to a different organization every day for a year.  Much as I wish I could match that, $100 is a good majority of the total Jordan and I make in one day, so I’ll just have to watch.  I’m looking forward to hearing about all kinds of new charities.

My favorite so far is D.light Design, which What Gives highlighted on January 4.  They produce a variety of high-efficiency LED lamps with solar chargers.  They’re cute as a button and only cost$10 to $25, but you can’t buy one–they’re sold, with loans as necessary, to the 25% of the world’s population that lives without electricity.  They replace kerosene lamps, thus minimizing fire danger, eliminating the need to buy expensive kerosene, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing income by allowing families to work–and children to study–after dark.

I’ve added What Gives to my blogroll.  Be sure to check back.


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