Women’s Ministry

As alluded to in my previous post, there’s a problem with my church’s women’s ministry.  At least, there’s a problem with its web page.  Namely, it’s illustrated with the above picture, making it appear not to be women’s ministry at all, but rather mothers’ ministry.

There are defenses that can be made.  First, virtually all the women in our church are mothers or aspiring mothers.  Second, mothers probably do need more support.  It’s good to bring some meals to a woman who has just had a baby, but a woman who doesn’t have any kids doesn’t need meals unless she has an accident or something.  Accidents are about a thousand times less common than births in our church.

But if it’s just for mothers, call it mothers’ ministry.  It isn’t just for mothers, either: scrolling down, there are events for all women, for married women, and for mothers (lest you think single women are getting the shaft, there’s actually a different singles ministry).  Still, putting this picture on a page that covers all kinds of women’s ministry demonstrates the same problem as calling something women’s ministry that is actually only dedicated to mothers: Both acts treat motherhood as the only proper way to be a woman.  Other women are just future mothers or…well, basically just future mothers, because you’d be denying God’s wonderful plan for your life if you decided not to have children at all.  Also, apparently you need a new baby in order to count.  Keep popping ’em out, ladies.

Then there’s the problem with the whole existence of women’s ministry.  You’ll notice that Sovereign Grace doesn’t have a men’s ministry.  Ministry-wise, there are two groups of people: normal people and women.  Men don’t need special classes and such because they can take care of themselves, but women need all kinds of help.  Women’s ministry also acts as an outlet for women who have the misfortune to be gifted in leadership, since they aren’t allowed to actually lead things.

Returning to the picture, why not show women in a variety of their roles in life?  Show a woman with her kids, one with her husband, one at work, one spending time by herself.  Or, since the ministry is about women and not about their children or their husbands or anyone else, just show four women alone.

Anyway, that’s my recommendation.


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