A Game

There is a game that I like to think about based on the question: Has anyone ever said this sentence before?  You win the game if, in the history of the universe (or at least the history of contemporary English), no one has ever said that exact sentence.  Since there’s no way to actually evaluate this win condition, the effective winners are the most improbable sentences I’ve ever heard.

There are three rules.  First, the sentence must be fairly short: no fair winning with a page-long sentence.   Second, the sentence can’t be nonsense or a non sequitur; it has to have come up naturally in conversation, and not as a joke joke.  Third, the sentence can’t be an innuendo.  It’s far too easy to come up with a super-random innuendo.  The sentences can be either spoken or written (as in IM), but they have to be conversational and not part of a book, blog post, or other document.

The current winners:

  1. “I will reject their banana language as I rejected the Scrabble board.”
  2. “That sounds like a hamster juicing a lime to me.”
  3. “I can’t believe I’m being blocked from eating pie by a straight line.”
  4. “I thought the Chippendales dancer was God.”
  5. “Amino acids are basically Pokemon.”

Do you have any contributions?



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3 responses to “A Game

  1. bryce1618

    One’s that been running in my head;

    “The ‘I’ that is ‘me.'”

    • katz

      Sounds existential.

      • bryce1618

        Really? I suppose that makes sense, I have been reading some key existentialist texts. But actually, I formulated that to help explain the “experiential perception of self-subject consciousness.” …Then again, I suppose that is primarily existential in tone.

        I heard another sentence today in the hallway that would work, but can’t remember exactly how it went. Something like “So I put the camel in my pocket and hid under the dishes.”

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