Oddity of the Week

She’s just made a complete 180, but I think the change of mind makes this a great time to humiliate Representative Michelle Bachmann for her attempt to get her constituents to boycott the U.S. Census. Setting aside the obvious points–participation is a mandatory part of citizenship, the census is completely confidential, and even the most arch-conservatives can’t deny that it’s in the Constitution (Article I, Section 2)–it’s amusing to speculate on what Bachmann expected to happen if all her constituents refused to be counted by the Census.

Did I mention that she warned that the government would use census data to put people in internment camps*? And that she is probably, to date, the only person crazy enough that Glenn Beck was uncomfortable with her theories?

She’s backed down now, under pressure from everyone else in the House and, really, everyone else, period, but that hasn’t stopped her actions from getting the conservative blog-and-email-osphere continuing to panic about it right up to today.


*The 411 on this issue: Census data was released to the War Department in 1941 and 1942 to aid with the internment of Japanese-Americans. However, the census never released individual data, just demographic data, and subsequent legislation has strengthened the confidentiality of the answers. The Census is very serious about privacy. I know. I worked for them.


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