The Saga of the Facebook Login

I try not to repost here much, but this still-ongoing incident is too amazing to pass up.  Have a look at this blog post on ReadWriteWeb, a popular information technology blog.  If you’re going “Okay, it makes some good points, but so what?”, bear with me and look at the comments.  The first one goes like this:

Ok If I have to I will comment,I love facebook so right now just want to log in if thats ok with Keep up the good work…

And the rest keep going in that vein:

Can we log into face book? This is crazy I want to get all my info off and be done with this. I recently moved from MN to SC Myrtle Beach and facebook was a great way to keep in touch with family and friends but this is getting to be to difficult. (Page 1, comment #20)

All I wanted to do was LOG IN TO MY FACE BOOK ACCOUNT! I don’t like this new way! “If it an’t broke why fix it?”  (Page 1, comment #37)

Seams like all of the comets i read agree with me you people messed up royal i was enjoying facebook now i am thinking of getting rid of it all  (Page 1, comment #48)

All this against a background of “login plz” and “HEEEEEELLLLLLP!!!!1111!!!”  See all those little F’s by their names?  These people are commenting using their Facebook IDs.  These are people who did a Google search for “facebook login,” found this blog entry because it’s a high-traffic blog and thus shows up high on the list of results, and thought that ReadWriteWeb was a redesigned Facebook.  As I write this, there are 45 pages of comments.

And, from across the interwebs, internet users heard the siren song of snark bait, and they answered the call.

I’m confused. I just want to log into my facebooks. I typed log in and I came here. Obviously since this is the only way to enter the Facebooks, you have broken the internet. Who’s gonna manage my farm now??? How’m I gonnna know what 80’s cartoon character best matches my love life?? Damn it ReadWriteWeb… who gave you the right?

This better get fixed before my iPad comes in.  (Page 30, comment #998)

I’ve been looking for a book to place my face in. Is this the correct place?  (Page 40, comment #984)

I really don’t like the new facebook.

The interface is confusing to use. You’ve changed the logins, the layout, the URL, the IP address, and the whois database entry. It almost feels like an entirely different site.

Please fix this at once.  (Page 42, comment #077)

I learned one interesting fact from this whole incident:  When a blog gets to 1000 comments, the comment counter resets at 0.  Aside from that, it’s a reminder that yes, there really are people on the internet who are that clueless.

I find this hard to comprehend.  Yes, I know that I’m part of a generation that grew up with computers and that older people find them hard to learn, but what is it about computers that makes simple sets of instructions so difficult for them to understand?  I’m assuming that, if I gave these people directions to my house, 99% of them would be able to get there, so why can’t they follow directions to get to Facebook?  It isn’t like it’s obscure or hard to find.  But a thousand times more baffling is their inability to tell that they’re in the wrong place.  Surely, if they followed directions to my house (having been there before) and got to a house that looked different and had different people living in it, they would realize that it was the wrong house and go look for the right one, rather than assuming that I had moved and a new family had moved in and remodeled the house.

The fact that the article has the word “facebook” in the title was apparently enough to convince them that they actually were at Facebook.  Do these people have this much difficulty telling the difference between something and something else that references it in the rest of their lives?  If there’s a newspaper article on the controversy surrounding The DaVinci Code, do they flip through the newspaper in confusion, trying to find the novel?  If there’s a preview for Alice in Wonderland before a showing of Avatar, do they think they’ve gone to the wrong movie?  If there’s a picture of a missing kid on a milk carton, do they pull the carton open to get the kid out?  Surely not.  So why do they have so much difficulty when the same problem arises on a computer?



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5 responses to “The Saga of the Facebook Login

  1. Mom S

    To add to the hard-to-believe-but-true list: today I helped chaperone a field trip to the Renton Waste Treatment plant. Yep, where it all goes after you flush. Anyway, after the tour is done, the leader asks the students to go wash their hands in the employee restrooms. Duh. So I’m in the bathroom with the girls and they are surprised to see showers and toiletries left by the workers. Made total sense to me. One of the girls picks up a bottle and squeezes some of the “lotion” onto her hands and rubs it in. Another girl follows suit. Then they walk out. Now it struck me as odd that they would use someone’s personal toiletries, but adolescence and self-centeredness are strongly correlated. Odder yet was that neither girl had read the entire label to discern that the creamy liquid was, in fact, shampoo. Huh. Kind of scary to think that in a matter of months they’ll be released to fend for themselves in the world!

  2. bryce1618

    No… This just can’t be true. I just can’t believe humanity is this stupid. I’m just going to refuse to believe this is true.

  3. Doad

    why does this page not look like facebook usually does? it’s not letting me login

  4. Ian

    After years of doing computer tech support, I’m really not surprised. The majority of people seem to have their common sense and critical thinking skills switched off whenever they use technology. I assume it’s based on a principle similar to John Gabriel’s GIF Theory: (warning: mature language)

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