Ah, Healthcare

I’m back and I won’t tire you with the details of my trip (the four days of which involved model airplanes, Die Fledermaus, pinot noir, and humpback whales, respectively), particularly since half of my readership was probably there for part of it. Anyway, I’m sure nothing important happened in the country while I was AFK…

…Wait, the healthcare bill passed the House?

…And got signed into law?

…And the reconciliation bill is on the verge of passing?

And people got called dirty epithets, and rocks were thrown through windows. Wow, more has happened with healthcare in the one weekend I when I wasn’t paying attention than in the year that I was. This must be one of those watched-pot things.

Underwhelming, isn’t it? It finally comes through, but in such a battered, bedraggled state that you almost wouldn’t want it anymore if you hadn’t put so much effort into it already. It’s the same way I often feel when I’m making dinner.

I’m being silly now, but there will be serious thoughts to come.


The picture is the official White House photo of Obama’s signature on the bill, taken by Chuck Kennedy.  I found it here.  Obama has a pretty cool signature, no?


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