Happy April First

In case you didn’t catch it, here’s a screen capture of what Chimaera (aka Katz’s Awesome Gossip Blog!) looked like yesterday, and earlier today before I changed it:

The post hasn’t been archived because it was copied verbatim, including the pictures, from Perez Hilton, who hopefully won’t mind. The theme was Sweet Blossoms, which had the most perfect header imaginable, but sadly lacked the ability to put everything in Curlz MT.  (In case you noticed, yes, this is a different theme than the one I had before.  We’ll see how I like it.)  The image and my gravatar were Yahoo! Avatars, which are great at making you look like a ditzy 13-year-old. I wanted to use a Zwinky, which looks even more like it was made by a ditzy 13-year-old, but is also spyware.

My alternate ideas were an all-Farmville blog and a post about the hegemonic racism inherent in animal cookies. The latter was discovered while hanging out with friends last night, discussing the nonsense we were taught at Scripps while eating a bag of said cookies. You see, the cookies pretend to be diverse by being different shapes, but they’re all Caucasian pinks and whites. The sprinkles represent how we like to have minority cultures as a garnish to add a little color, but the base culture is always white. Same with gays, because the sprinkles are rainbow colored. We like minorities as something we can just brush off if we want to, and that all ends up at the bottom of the bag with the crumbs when the cookies are gone.

Or something like that.

Yesterday was also Census Day, but we didn’t actually collect any census data. That’s probably wise, because we figure that we’d run into a lot of Ben Dovers, Amanda Hugginkisses, Hugh Jasses, and Drew Peacocks.

I hope you had a fun April Fool’s Day, a productive Census Day, and a blessed Maundy Thursday.


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