Tax (Part I)

Happy April 15th, everyone!

It is indeed a happy April 15th for me and Jordan, who are getting back more than $2000, thanks to Obama’s extensive tax cuts. If you’re not part of the wealthiest 5% or so of the population, you probably saved at least a grand as well. And fully one-third of the population, mostly with incomes under $20,000, pay no taxes at all. So, if you hate taxes, this is a great day to be you.

So what exactly are the teabaggers mad about?

It’s…strange.  They think taxes are higher. They could go compare their tax return this year with the previous year or look up the tax code, but that would require computation, and the closest they’re willing to come to math is naming their sons Trig.  And somehow, the fact that many families don’t pay taxes is a bad thing–even though many teabaggers are unemployed and probably part of that pool.  It seems that this working-class movement is protesting on behalf of the wealthy.  Which doesn’t make much sense.

But if they acknowledged this, they would be robbed of their opportunity to march around with their misspelled signs (now colloquially known as “teabonics“) and stupid costumes.


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