Oddity of the Week

Could the ending of the Hellsing anime be any less satisfying?  My final list of questions:

-Who was the Round Table traitor, and why?

-Who was making the freak chips, and why?

-Is it the same person as the traitor?

-Does MI-5 find him?  Did he get to carry out his plan?

-Why was Incognito working for him?

-Were the Valentine brothers working for him, and why?

-Did Integra get out of jail?

-Why didn’t the Round Table get Integra out of jail if they found and expelled the traitor?

-Did Integra drink Alucard’s blood?

-Did Walter live?

-What happened to Seras Victoria?  Is Alucard still her master or not?

-Who was that vampire she defeated?  What did he have to do with anything?

-What about Paladin Anderson?  He’s the main villain and he hasn’t even been in the last four episodes!

-Alucard really does look like Carmen Sandiego, doesn’t he?


If you want to find out the actual ending, you have to read the manga or watch the OVA series.  Prepare to be disappointed.  It turns out to be the Ghostapo.

Images from TotallyLooksLike and GameSpot.


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