Ruminations III (Oh, What a Tangled Web)

I’ve just put some environmental data into a file.  It’s a set of light, particulate, temperature, and humidity measurements for the 4th floor of the Art of the Americas building.  Now I’m trying to figure out where to save it.  It should obviously be in Common/Conservation, but should it go in Common/Conservation/Environmental Information About LACMA/Light Level Readings at LACMA or Common/Conservation/Scientific/ENVIRONMENTAL_MONITORING?  If it’s the latter, should it be under Light or under Dust_and_pollution? And should it be saved as Art of the Americas 4 (the new name) or Anderson 3 (the name everyone calls it)?  These are the challenges of the network drive.


Jordan gives a unique style of compliments.  His last one was “You definitely don’t need a lobotomy.”


Republican candidates for Attorney General are terrifying.  That is all.


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