Ruminations IV

Our Netflix page has autogenerated a category for “Movies starring Steve McQueen.”  Guilty as charged, I suppose.  However, watching Sholay did not make it generate a category for “Bollywood Westerns of the 1970s.”


Look, sometimes specifics don’t matter.  It’s irrelevant what kind of chairs they are or the precise floor area.  Ten chairs is too many for a one-bedroom apartment.


Mad Max: 1979.  Watchmen: 1986.  The evidence is conclusive: Watchmen ripped off the “handcuff his leg to something and make him saw through his ankle before the gasoline/kerosene explodes” plot device.  Alan Moore, I’m surprised at you.  Grotesque forms of torture used to express the dehumanization of vigilante agents of justice only work if they’re original.


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