Ruminations V

Wasted Talent by Angela Melick

Applebees: your neighborhood restaurant.  We love neighborhoods.  That’s why we strive to make every neighborhood exactly the same, so that you can enjoy it wherever you are, regardless of your regional preferences.  Also, by “neighborhood,” we mean “strip mall.”


Saw some recent graduates driving around.  This is a good, or at least aesthetically pleasing, year to be a sen10r.


Jordan and I discuss housework:

Me:  Organization begets disorganization because defining a set of things that belong on a shelf or in a drawer creates a set of things that don’t belong on that shelf or in that drawer, which creates a set of things that don’t belong anywhere, which creates clutter.

Jordan:  No, organization begets disorganization because, once you define a right place for something to be, everywhere else becomes the wrong place, whereas before, any place could be the right place.

Me:  Moral relativism applied to housework.  Nice.  Let’s define mold in the bathroom as the preferred state and we’ll never have to clean again.


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