Ruminations VI (Ruminations at the Movies)

There was plenty to nitpick about the science of Splice (aquatic lungs?), but I was gratified to see, for once, scientists working in a real lab with coworkers, rather than the standard monster-creation mythos of a single mad scientist with a homemade lab set up in his basement (or, as the case may be, his creepy castle).

Things I learned from Banlieue 13 Ultimatum: skinheads are totally willing to fight alongside black guys if it’s for a just cause.  Oh, and braid blades totally work.

Leverage Season 3 is off to a good start.  They’ve solved what I considered a major problem that was making season 2 stagnate:  the lack of an overarching plot.  The Save Eliot’s Hair Campaign also continues to be worried for no reason.


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