Cats in Curious Places

Alas, the 110 is looking pretty bare these days, but it isn’t always.  Earlier this year, my commute was far more entertaining…

…Although I sometimes got a strange feeling that I was being watched.  (Did you spot the little one?)

Apologies for the photo quality, but I did take all these from a moving vehicle.  This next one can still be seen going northbound.

In January, February, and March, these cats cropped up with a vengeance all over the LA freeways.  It all began with this gorgeous mural downtown on Third and Main.

Despite their critical acclaim from the street art community, the artist has not been identified; Midzt, arrested for doing the pieces, has denied it, as have his fans.  (I realize this picture is barely distinguishable, but you can still see this cat going southbound.)

He’s faced challenges from other graffiti artists, such as the ones who tagged those purple cats in the background before he came back and added the white one (which still remains)…

…And from the omnipresent danger of being painted over by people with a sense of lawfulness but not of aesthetics.  This pillar, which has now itself been painted over, had another cat on the back, two more on the wall behind it, and one on the back of a nearby street sign, all of which are now gone.  (Next time I go cat spotting, I’ll remember to clean my windshield first.)

Luckily, they also aren’t very observant, so they missed the last one at that site.

But he kept bouncing back with new work.

This is another part of the same piece…

…And yet more.  Alas, the whole piece is gone now.

Sadly, the City of LA is currently winning the war on graffiti, and only three of the pictures above remain.  These–and the dozens of others located other places, or painted over before my cat hunt–now remain only in pictures.  All good things must come to an end, especially in a field where the city paints over your work and then arrests you for it.

See more cats here, here, here, and here.



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2 responses to “Cats in Curious Places

  1. Mom S

    Despite its classification as “criminal,” I have always been a great admirer of clever graffiti. Random tagging and obscene/profane tags are a different thing altogether. Thanks for sharing the ephemeral cat-ffiti.

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