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Kitty Litter

You remember the saga of the Los Angeles cats back in the spring.  Police first incorrectly arrested local artist Andy “Midzt” Rios, then correctly, if not very intelligently or productively, arrested Rick “Atlas” Ordonez.  He was charged with six felonies, plea-bargained down to one, and did 90 days plus a fine of more than $8000.  The world breathed a sigh of relief that this menace had been taken off the streets.

Of course if you’re counting on your fingers, you’ll realize that Atlas is back out now and storming the art world once again.  Now that he’s been unmasked, more bombing is out of the question, but he has new opportunities, too–such as staging an art show.

There aren’t many things Jordan and I will drive all the way to downtown LA for.  A whole exhibition of Atlas is one of them.

Absolutely gorgeous!  Every inch is oozing with style and creativity.

A patio out back featured some nice large-scale work.  I’m not saying that all of LA would look like this if we would only make graffiti legal, but I am saying that you don’t know until you try.

In a heartwarming twist, part of the proceeds went to our very own Pasadena Humane Society.

There was great swag.  Now that he’s gone straight, Atlas is of course only promoting legal art.

The man himself amiably adorned everything that his admirers presented him with cats.  I got to say hi to him and list myself among the countless 110 commuters whose lives his work had brightened.

Jordan and I scored some swag, doing our part to make up for his fines.  Did he?  I don’t know, but the shirts were going like hotcakes, and Atlas is getting the recognition he has long deserved.


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Nosevember at the Humane Society

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