Oddity of the Week

I don’t have anything substantive to say this week, so I’ll bring up Sarah Palin’s WTF moment, which happened last week.  Here’s the video, if you didn’t catch it; it’s her response to the State of the Union.

There’s so much to say–the lack of substantive statements, the complete misunderstanding of Sputnik, the giggly awareness that she just said a naughty acronym on TV, the WTF accusation coming from the party of the “human-animal hybrid” State of the Union, the WTF-worthy “Spudnut” moment pretty much in the same sentence–but I don’t want to talk about any of those.

I want to talk about her voice.  It’s just horrible.  It makes me want to claw my ears off.  Doesn’t matter what she’s saying.  Even the most brilliant points would sound like inane babbling in that whiny drawl, and when it actually is inane babbling…well, I can’t imagine sitting through a State of the Union like that, even with a drinking game*.  It’s one thing that must be appreciated about Obama.  And Clinton, proving that it isn’t the drawl that’s holding her and Bush back.  And Reagan, for that matter….JFK…FDR…I’ll stop.


*As you can imagine, human-animal hybrids featured prominently in the 2007 SotU drinking game.


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