Oddity of the Week

In 1972, a writer named Geoffrey Hoyle wrote a children’s book about what he thought life would be like in the future: specifically, in the year 2010.  Years later, someone happened to pick up a copy of said book at a library discard sale and posted it on the internet.

And the internet made a collective decision: We liked Hoyle’s vision of the future which is now the present.  Parts of it are uncannily predictive, parts are hilariously inaccurate, and parts are adorably optimistic.  Also, he predicted the iPad.  And so launched the Facebook campaign to find Geoffrey Hoyle.

So far they’ve found his Facebook page but haven’t succeeded in talking to him yet.  He did make some comments in this BBC article, though.

Are we living in the future?  Perhaps.  But I don’t see jumpsuits catching on any time soon.



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2 responses to “Oddity of the Week

  1. Joe Sullivan

    No one pictures people of the future wearing jeans. If the past is any predictor of the future, people will be wearing jeans for a long time to come…

  2. Mom S

    Maybe faded, torn denim jumpsuits?

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