Standing With Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, people are standing outside in 17 degree weather.  Here in Los Angeles, we were afraid that no one would show up if yesterday’s rain persisted.  But by 10 in the morning, the sky was a gorgeous blue, a perfect day to stand in solidarity with public union members outside the LA City Hall.

I was there representing the Internet, which shall be present at every rally of the 21st century.  This sign is awesome because its heavy-duty lamination will last forever and because in the future I can just cover up the “Scott Walker” and put in any person or thing I want.  Yes, you may borrow it.

From a couple blocks away, it was easy to find.  You just had to follow all the other people wearing red and white (badger colors) and carrying signs.  The turnout was great: I estimate a couple thousand, or using Fox News calculations, five or six million.

The cheeseheads were out in force, too, managing to look amazingly dignified.

And surprise, the Koch brothers showed up and gave a speech!  (These Koch brothers, naturally.)

Partway through the rally, we saw a distant force approaching.  Are they friend or foe?

It’s the March for Choice, arriving about 400 strong to lend their support!

After the rally, we actually did locate the opposition, who were LaRouche crazies, of all people.  It was smaller than the number of people who took pictures of my sign, and to nobody’s particular surprise, had the only especially uncivil signs at the entire event.

Also after the rally, I found another representative of the Internet!  Bad picture, I know, but I was primarily there to rally, not to photograph.  (She’s laughing at my sign.)

Good use of a Saturday?  Without a doubt.


The nationwide Rallies to Save the American Dream took place at every state capital in the nation, plus many other cities.  Estimates place the crowd in Madison today at a jaw-dropping 70-100,000.  It was all organized by, of course.  You can follow the Twitter hashtag #WeAreWI; the LAist has some more reports on the LA protest here.


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