Oddity of the Week

I don’t have anything  to say this week, so here are my favorite Parry Gripp songs.

Hero Rats – Sadly, the video of this song has been taken down.

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom – 12 million views and counting.

Doctor Who – “Listen girl to what I say/About the man from Gallifrey…”

Bun Bun Bunny Bun – Coincidentally, Olive was also that breed of rabbit.

Robot Dog Is Coming Home – My image is at 1:26.

Space Unicorn – His first drawing request video.

Dramatic Chipmunk (Hey!) – What’s sadder, that I watched it or that I was sad it was taken down?

Hamster on a Piano – This one’s mostly for the video.

This Is my Ringtone – “Everybodylookatme,everybodylookatme, everybodyeverybodyeverybodylookatme…”

Ghost Hamster – I am reminded of all the hamsters I probably mistreated as a child.

…And because I couldn’t quite get it down to 10, Cat Yawning.


Parry Gripp is a jingle writer, hence his propensity for writing catchy, corny songs under two minutes long.  He turns out a new one just about every week, right on time to cheer up anyone who’s had a long day.  His website has the rather wonderful sort options “sort by date,” “sort by name,” and “sort by hamster.”


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