Oddity of the Week

I know some people who dislike really normal, common stuff, and that seems odd to me, so I figure I’ll pick on them this week.  Like I knew this guy in college who didn’t like chocolate, which might not seem so odd except that he really liked baking.  He was one of the founders of the baking club.  But he didn’t like chocolate.

I also know this guy who doesn’t like lemon.  That seems to me sort of like not liking vanilla–it’s just too ubiquitous to avoid.  You can’t even just avoid desserts; it’s everywhere.  And it wasn’t just a “meh, not my favorite” type of dislike; he absolutely hated anything that had any kind of lemon flavor.  That rules out a lot of things.

Another guy I know doesn’t listen to the Beatles.  Now, I know not everyone is the sort of person who names their daughter Penny Lane (admit it, if you had a last name like Lane, the possibilities would tempt you too), but if the phrase “eight days a week” makes you go “What?  There aren’t eight days in a week!”, that’s more like willful refusal to acknowledge the existence of the 20th century.  You’d have to be intentionally trying to avoid the Beatles to know this little about them.  (He listens to classical music, predictably enough, but missed the memo that classical music fans are also Beatles fans.)

I’m not trying to make a point here or anything.  Obviously everyone has the right to like or dislike whatever they want, and such feelings are not particularly rational or intentional.


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