March at the Humane Society

The cat rescue, which we’re not allowed to photograph but has been sucking up a great amount of time, explains the dearth of Pasadena Humane Society updates, but now I’m here to make it up to you with lots of dog pictures.  I’ve gotten involved with shelter school, and I taught this little munchkin named Tina to sit.

Have you ever tried to train a chihuahua?  It’s not easy.  Afterwards, the behavior staff downgraded her behavior rating from the best category to the worst.  Thanks, guys.  (But she can sit now.)  Tina’s kennel mate was this shy sweetie.

The Humane Society has suddenly had a rush of mastiffs, including these adorable puppies.  They’ve since found homes, of course, hopefully with people who know how big they will get.

This is a pit bull/mastiff cross, presumably bred in an attempt to create the dog with the biggest head ever.


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