Meet Motley

Look who just arrived!

Ever since I had a chance to work with the cats from the hoarder incident, I felt like one of them should be mine.  But as quarantines and custody struggles dragged on interminably, my hopes of getting my own kitty dwindled.

There were some nice cats among the Humane Society’s regular denizens, but none of them really felt like the one for me.  Nevertheless, on Saturday I brought Jordan to the Humane Society to play with some of them and see if there was one he liked.  And there she was–just brought out of quarantine that morning, and ready to go home.

She came in with a bad upper respiratory infection, a common condition among shelter cats, and after a week shelter staff were going to put her down because she wasn’t responding to medication.  We didn’t swoop in and rescue her; that distinction belongs to the vet who decided to keep trying to treat her anyway.  Now she has nothing worse than an occasional sneeze.

As you can see, she is a torbie–a tortoiseshell (or, in this case, a calico) whose spots have tabby markings.  She appears to actually be a spotted torbie, with spotted tabby markings instead of the ordinary stripes.  She’s also a complete sweetheart who has already made herself at home.  We have named her Motley.



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2 responses to “Meet Motley

  1. Mom S

    Welcome, sweet kitty. I’m sure you will be well loved and coddled in your new home. Just don’t eat the hamster… and don’t be eaten by Rocky. None of that “Circle of Life” stuff for you!

  2. Awww, congrats! I’m so happy you get a cuddly pet.

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