A Pride Day to Be Proud Of

It is rare that an ideological day falls in such thoroughly appropriate circumstances, but here it is: Pride Day following, with much celebration, right on the heels of New York’s historic vote to legalize gay marriage.  Neil Patrick Harris is taking advantage of it, as are a number of other celebrities and, of course, countless LGBT couples–some in New York, others flying in from around the country.

And we found some new heroes.  It’s about time!

State Senator Diane Savino gave this hard-hitting argument as she voted aye.  But the Internet’s viral star was Roy McDonald, one of the four New York Senate Republicans who broke ranks and voted in favor of the bill, who announced his decision in these immortal words:

Well, fuck it, I don’t care what you think. I’m trying to do the right thing.

If only he spoke for all our politicians.  I think this Pride Day, gay-marriage advocates should get a chance to sit back and, well, be proud.  They deserve it.


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  1. bravo! thank you for the post!

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