This is a Lawful Notice to people who would make up lies and slander me.

My handle, katz(c), Katz(c), or KATZ(c), and my husband’s handle doad(c), Doad(c), or DOAD(c) are copyrighted world wide. So is my image and all aspects of my human self, and any non-human selves I might acquire in the future, plus the chimaera picture that I got from Wikimedia Commons.

Anyone who uses my name, my calling or my image without my written consent signed in sparkly silver gel ink by my left hand only while I eat an ice cream sandwich with my right hand is violating my copyright.

The cost of copyright violation PER VIOLATION is 1,000 troy ounces of 99.99% pure gold, or 100 (one hundred) live kittens not to exceed six weeks in age. So all of you might want to consider that before you write your lies about me. I will pursue copyright violations ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD so as to collect gold to be able to re-distribute to those I perceive as in need. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to take gold off usurpers of the mighty name of Katz and give it to my new charity for scratching pigs’ ears.

Any slander of me will be pursued ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. So if you tell lies about me and try and slander me to damage my business you will be pursued. I will take your property off you as a point of honour.


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  1. what are the kittens for ? making Dimmys ? Yum. I’ll have a dozen with soy sauce.

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