Well, that was obscure.

I suspect nobody actually got yesterday’s joke–for that matter, I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been the one making it, but one can’t be really inspired every April 1–but it comes from the wild and wooly world of sovereign citizens.  If you’re not familiar with sovereign citizens, they’re tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorists crossed with neo-Nazis to produce a group that rejects all laws and authority except their own.

They’re funny, because they believe things like that a contract is not legally binding unless your name is written in capital letters.  And yet they’re horrifying, because they would shoot a cop for issuing them a speeding ticket.

Conversely to rejecting all laws, they also seem to think that their announcing something makes it automatically legally binding.  The particular bit of nonsense comes courtesy of part-time sovereign citizen, part-time stalker Peter Andrew Nolan(c), author of the modern masterpiece Living Free in a Fem-Nazi World (PDF, and contains possibly-lethal amounts of WTF).  He opens the book with the copyright notice that I lightly modified for yesterday’s post.

It’s not a copyright notice for the book.  It’s a copyright notice for his name.  And while I did add the bit about kittens, he really does expect his fines to be paid in gold.

I’ve just used his name without his written permission, so I’ll be scraping together my bits of gold.



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15 responses to “Well, that was obscure.

  1. No fan of Peter-Andrew: Nolan (c)

    Peter-Andrew: Nolan (c) is ALLEGEDLY a very special kind of deluded and increasingly malevolent fruit & nut job suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder with a twist of bi-polar. This kind of personality is perfect for the Sovereign Citizen aka “freeman on the land” – who encourage each other not to pay taxes because taxes are an illegal burden brought about by the satanic Freemason Illuminati government of the day. Yet these Sovereign Citizens seem to have no problem with getting their garbage collected, sending their children to schools, attending hospitals, using public roads and public transport, drinking water out of the tap, etc…

    I very much appreciated this piece. Thanks.

  2. Wow…I am getting famous. Please feel free to post more about me. You might want to keep it true though because telling lies about someone publicly is the crime of slander.

  3. John Rambo

    Great, another bitchy western woman who hates the fact that honest men like me and Peter are exposing them for the LIARS, hypocrites, and CRIMINALS that they are.

    Bitch all you want, the future belongs to us young men (I am 27, and from America). Also, don’t come bitching to me when none of us young men want to marry your disgusting daughters raised by man hating feminist scum like you.

    • katz

      Not one, but two grepping loons! Missing out on marrying you sounds like a real loss.

      Incidentally, have you copyrighted your name? Because I’ll gladly violate that copyright, too.

      PS You guys can play in this thread, but don’t go wandering about.

    • Doad

      You make me want to have a bunch of daughters, and I hope that I raise them right so each of them pisses you off just as much as katz does.

      I’m also totally envisioning you as Viserys right now; you have a sort of whiny, woman-insulting, “give me the gold I’m owed!” tone that makes me want to go all Khal Drogo on you. :-p

  4. No fan of Peter-Andrew: Nolan (c)

    John Rambo is Loopy Pete, bulking up his piss poor number.

  5. John Rambo

    LOL. You women are so fucking stupid you can’t even get it right.

    Yes, you got the part right about me being in Nepal, but Peter lives in Germany.




    Peter Nolan is John Rambo for sure. Also known as Allan Rosen, Michael Coyler and a lot more. This guy hates women, he got hurt by his wifey. Get over it you little man. You hide behind all your made up sites to bash women. You are no man or match for western women!! You hate them because they stand up to cowardly men like yourself. You are what you call a “manginas”! We laugh at you in the USA. You’re a freakin puss. A real man would whoop your butt here. You stalk women on facebook under alias names you coward. And you post women’s pictures on your screwed up sites when you get mad at them. Take some Prozac you piece of crap. NO BODY likes you. Move on. You are an abuse, good for nothing boy. Grow some balls!! Stop whining everywhere and deal with it

  7. antonio

    we need more men like peter

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