Announcing No More Dead Parents

As everyone knows, the answer to having one negligently-updated blog is to start another negligently-updated blog.  Therefore, I’m happy to announce my new blog, No More Dead Parents.  NMDP covers my thoughts on all forms of media: Film, literature, art, video games, music, and so on.  Meanwhile, here at Chimaera, I’ll continue to write about politics, religion, gender, and all the other “touchy stuff.”  Hopefully by harnessing the power of specialization I can post content of more interest to my readers and everyone can have a little more fun.  For a while, I may repost some old Chimaera material at NMDP, but it will always be labeled as such and will be alternated with new content.

To my dismay, has already been taken by a blog called No More Dead Pigeons, which updated for two months in 2010.  When are we going to create some kind of internet eminent domain so that all the good URLs aren’t constantly being occupied by defunct sites?


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