It’s spring and you know what that means: Kitten season!  Doad and I are fostering a mother cat and her five kittens and, you know what, I’m going to keep the text here short because we all just want kitten pictures.

IMG_5499Here are the kittens the first day I brought them home.  They’ve already changed so much: They’ve begun emerging from the box, playing, and even washing.

IMG_5486Sweet Pea, the mom, herself less than a year old and only 6 1/2 lbs.  She is nevertheless a very attentive mother.

IMG_5562Robb, the biggest and bravest, shown here investigating a dish of milk.  He is a lynx point and his markings will get darker with age.

IMG_5590Sansa, our torbie.  She is one of the most playful, but also one of the smallest.  Robb and Bran are in the background.

IMG_5532Arya, our other lynx point.  She is the shyest and smallest, here weighing in at 12 oz.

IMG_5554Bran, a brown and white tabby.  He is our other adventurous one and he can be identified by his adorable little freckle.  Robb and Rickon are on either side of him, with Arya in the background.

IMG_5599Rickon, our shyer brown and white tabby.  Here he considers a toy while Bran explores nearby.

IMG_5585The whole family.

IMG_5574And to finish us off, Bran’s adorable little paw.

I’m sure there will be more kitten pictures to come.  If you are in the LA area and you’re looking for a kitten, all six of these need loving homes!


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