This Week in Kittens

The kittens are now five weeks old and all weigh a pound or more.  They’ve been developing so fast!  All of them are now using the litter box (and occasionally napping there).


They’re also getting into solid food (and I do mean that literally).

IMG_5975But the milk bar is still open, and will be for another three weeks or so.

IMG_6082They got to meet some new friends.  Socializing kittens is very important at this age.

IMG_5734IMG_5760And so is playtime!  So, inspired by their love of climbing up my pant legs, I built them this fort out of a cardboard box and an old pair of jeans.

Everyone investigates.


The fort is fun to explore.

IMG_5823And to play with.

IMG_5873And it becomes their new favorite sleeping spot.

IMG_6077But Robb, our budding lap cat, still prefers me.


We also had our first case of forgetting to put your tongue back in your mouth, courtesy of Bran.


…You want a closeup of that one, don’t you?

Bran closeup

I’ve given the kittens alternate names suitable for sharing with non-nerds.  L to R in this picture: Dodger (Rickon), Sara (Sansa, top), Freckle (Bran, bottom), Violet (Arya, top), and Robbie (Robb, bottom).  I’ll probably use the names more or less interchangeably here.



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