This Week in Kittens

Busy busy busy!  The vaccinated kittens are now allowed out of the kitten rooms and have had their first chance to meet another cat.  This went predictably.

IMG_6277IMG_6429IMG_6447bIf you’re wondering, this is by no means an unsuccessful cat introduction.  The kittens have never met an animal outside their family, and as for Motley, they’re sleeping in her linen closet!

IMG_6487Sweet Pea wasn’t too happy about it, either.  But they’ll learn to get along.

IMG_6333In the meantime, there’s a whole house out there for playing.

IMG_6355And lounging.

IMG_6418And there are laps to sleep in.

IMG_6339And sunbeams to pounce on.

IMG_6376And new friends to make.



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One response to “This Week in Kittens

  1. oh so many cats! why do they have to be cute?!

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