What If We Were Transparent?

tumblr_mqg6y5s52w1sx0zdeo1_1280What if we were transparent?

What if we could see through our abdomens, except not through our arms and legs, and sort of through our breasts except not the nipples?

Would we all stop wearing clothes for some reason?

Would our faces be transparent too?  How about our eyes?  Could you see if your eyes were transparent?

Would it be hard to recognize people?  Or would we learn to identify masses of bone and muscle the way we can identify faces now?

Would we have no bones except the spine and pelvis?

Would our spinal cartilage be blue?  Would there be a big blue unidentifiable thing running down the top half of it?  Would we only have one lung?

Would surgery become really difficult?

Would X-rays become unnecessary?

Would our genitals smooth out into a discreet Barbie-doll package?

Would our organs be transparent too?  Would you be able to see the contents of peoples’ stomachs, intestines, and bowels?  Or would the uterus inexplicably be the only transparent organ?  Would you be able to see when someone was on zir period?

Wouldn’t fetuses be transparent too?  Or do they start out opaque and turn transparent sometime later–at birth, maybe, or at puberty?  At what age do the contents of a person start mattering more than the person zirself?

How would that fetus get out if we all lacked vaginas?

Would we lack muscles, tendons, and fatty tissue?

Would men be transparent too, or would there be an assumption that women were the only people you needed to see through?

Hang on, I may be getting a little off-topic.

Inspired by this, of course.


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