Look Who Just Arrived!

The gray one is a girl and the other two are boys.  Gray is the bold one, black is the shy one, tabby is the naughty one, and they need names!IMG_8384IMG_8386




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5 responses to “Look Who Just Arrived!

  1. So cute. Are they looking for homes, I assume?

    How about naming them after musical genres?
    * Cowpunk
    * Emo
    * Jangle Pop (or Indi Pop) (or C-Pop) (or J-Pop) (or Thai Pop)
    * Lo-fi
    * Glam
    * Slowcore (or Grindcore)
    * Freakbeat
    * Mod
    * Skiffle
    * Sludge
    * Obscuro

  2. ronanwills

    THEY’RE SO TINY 😀 😀 😀 😀


    I mean. Yes. Indeed.

  3. Damn those are some cute ass kittens.

    How about:


    Just don’t name any of them Progressive House.

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