This Week in Kittens (Part II)

It turns out that we can’t go 48 hours without kittens or else we start experiencing kitten withdrawal, so…

IMG_9173That’s right, it’s an all-marmie litter!

IMG_9148Mom Tabitha is a sweetie.  Red females are uncommon (females with the red gene are usually torties).  She is a pretty cream classic tabby.

IMG_9297Kimi and Mika!

IMG_9230Kimi.  He’s a big fluffy cream classic tabby.

IMG_9197Mika, a red classic tabby girl, getting cozy with mom.

IMG_9264Julius is our curious boy, but he is also so sleepies.  He is the litter’s only mackerel tabby.

IMG_9131And finally Clementine, our other classic red tabby.  She is a bit lighter than her sister.

IMG_9202The milk bar.

IMG_9267And a kitty pinwheel.


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One response to “This Week in Kittens (Part II)

  1. titianblue

    I love how cream tabbies look pink – all the squees!

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