A Request

I know this is chimerical, but I have to ask.

As you know, something very bad happened two days ago, and I would appreciate it if maybe, for once, we could not blame it on the mentally ill.

We all know it isn’t true.  We all know because no one ever actually does anything about it.  If the politicians and pundits really thought that mass murders were caused by mental illness, then they’d take steps to help.  But our country’s mental-health infrastructure remains a nearly-nonexistent mess, because everyone knows that “he was mentally ill” is just a smokescreen we throw up to avoid thinking about why these things happen.  It allows us to say “Who knows why those people do those things?” and move on.

Let’s not.  “He had Asperger’s” is not an explanation and it’s insulting to all the decent autism-spectrum people in the world.  I have many loved ones with Asperger’s and autism and I know they would all find this man’s actions horrifying.  Because it’s not about being sane or insane.  It’s about being a good person or a bad one.

The mentally ill have enough to deal with already without getting dragged through the mud every time someone commits a mass murder.  So let’s just not say “he was psychotic,” “he was autistic,” “he was mentally disturbed.”

And then maybe we can think about why our privileged white boys want to kill people.


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  1. This is definitely a message that needs to be driven home. The media needs to do some fact checking and removes themselves from this destructive idea.

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