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This Week in Cats: An update on Khoshekh

IMG_07452015 is all set to be a good year for cats. Khoshekh is out of his cast and greatly enjoying his newfound access to the entire house (particularly the couch). His favorite toy is the cat track and he can often be found curled up inside it, keeping an eye on the ball in case it tries anything. And best of all, there’s an adopter who is planning to come get him at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Honey got snapped up in no time at all. Of course she did, with that cute face!

IMG_0528That leaves us with just one foster who hasn’t been spoken for: Tawny, our long-term resident. But she did have fun posing in a festive holiday collar.

IMG_0705Kitten season is almost upon us, so we expect new arrivals soon!


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