This Week in Kittens

It’s been a subdued first week at the Katz Family Culinary School and Home for Transient Mammals. As is traditional, everyone came home from the shelter with the sniffles. Nothing serious, but enough that lying about has been the main order of the day.

IMG_1011Not that they can’t be lively (and hard to photograph) when they want to.


It continues to be difficult to get a group shot of this class, largely because mom Olympia loves people so much that she gets up and walks over whenever someone enters the room, no matter how many kittens she disturbs in the process. She is not Mom of the Year.

IMG_0952Pangur Ban is definitely mama’s little girl. Were they human, they’d be one of those mother-daughter duos who wear matching outfits.

IMG_1112Jersey is shy. But I can hardly blame her, since I’m constantly grabbing her and putting medicine in her mouth. She’ll come around.


April, on the other hand, loves to be held.

IMG_1022Everyone is gaining weight well and I expect the class of 2015 to graduate on schedule in two to three weeks.


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