Writing down my opinions in essay form is a bit of a bad habit for me. While I can save up my thoughts on topics like theology in the chimerical (see? there it is) hope that they will someday be published when I’m a famous author, thoughts on politics have a distinct shelf life, and there seemed no point in writing them unless I at least made a game attempt to get them read. Hence a blog.

Be aware that, since I often post things off the cuff, I sometimes go back and edit posts later.  Don’t be surprised if you return to a post and find differences, like added pictures, changed links, and fixed language errors.  I also sometimes add other thoughts on the topic that came to me later; when I do this, I try include an “EDIT” note at the bottom.

I don’t have a moderation policy, per se, and I’d prefer to have open commenting at all times, but as with all spaces, there are people who will insist on tracking mud into it, so I reserve the right to moderate or ban anyone who acts obnoxious, with or without prior notice.  I always moderate before I ban, but when I ban, I <em>will</em> go back and erase your previous comments; you’ve lost the right to participate in the ongoing conversation.  Some things that might get you moderated can be found here.


Katz likes theology, materials science, sugar gliders, Dante, Max Ernst, and drinking orange juice after 9:00 at night.  She is the main author of this blog.

Doad likes C.S. Lewis, general relativity, archery, and games of various sorts.  He may occasionally contribute, but is endlessly helpful at developing and critiquing ideas.  His blog is here.

Motley likes shoelaces, pillows, belly scratches, and watching the cursor on the projector screen.  Her contributions are usually strings of random characters.

Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde are now in the habitrail in the sky.  They will be missed.


5 responses to “About

  1. Hi Guys!
    I love YOUR site, too! Hey, how can I subscribe to your blog? I didn’t see a subscription option but then – I can barely understand my own widgets!
    All the best, thanks for the shout-out and hope you’re enjoying whatgives365!


    • katz

      Wow, I had no idea anyone wanted to subscribe to my blog. I’ve added a subscribe widget to the bottom of the sidebar. I love what you’re doing at What Gives, though it’s likely to be bad for my budget.

  2. Very nice… I’m adding you to my blogroll at http://underthelobsterscope.wordpress.com

  3. Nice to meet you !!! I like your site…:D

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