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This Week in Cats: An update on Khoshekh

IMG_07452015 is all set to be a good year for cats. Khoshekh is out of his cast and greatly enjoying his newfound access to the entire house (particularly the couch). His favorite toy is the cat track and he can often be found curled up inside it, keeping an eye on the ball in case it tries anything. And best of all, there’s an adopter who is planning to come get him at the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Honey got snapped up in no time at all. Of course she did, with that cute face!

IMG_0528That leaves us with just one foster who hasn’t been spoken for: Tawny, our long-term resident. But she did have fun posing in a festive holiday collar.

IMG_0705Kitten season is almost upon us, so we expect new arrivals soon!


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This Week in Cats: A Christmas Surprise

It’s been an exciting week here at the Katz Culinary School and Home for Transient Mammals. One of the local residents, Duke, has been adopted by a loving, wonderful family. But there’s no rest for the weary: With the Christmas season has come a rash of animals in need. Without further ado, let’s meet the new arrivals.

IMG_0530Honey is a nine-month-old girl who was abandoned in a shopping cart. She is friendly, healthy, and cute as a button. She just arrived yesterday, but she’s already making herself at home and availing herself of the house’s various convenient windowsills. We just need to work on the “stay off the desk” rule.

IMG_0559She is spayed and up to date on her shots, so she is ready to be adopted immediately!

IMG_0543This nine-month-old boy is not having a very merry Christmas, as you can see. His owner brought him to the vet claiming that he has never been outdoors and that one morning his leg was just inexplicably broken. Yeah, right.

The story only gets weirder: They paid for his $3000 surgery and then abandoned him. Luckily, Kitten Rescue was there to be his Christmas miracle.


Despite his infirmity, he’s a good-natured, affectionate boy who never stops purring. He is expected to make a full recovery and will probably be available for adoption in six weeks to two months.


Upon learning that he needed to be confined to the bathroom, Jordan immediately dubbed him Khoshekh.

If you are interested in either of these sweet cats, contact Kitten Rescue.

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This Week in Kittens (Part II)

It turns out that we can’t go 48 hours without kittens or else we start experiencing kitten withdrawal, so…

IMG_9173That’s right, it’s an all-marmie litter!

IMG_9148Mom Tabitha is a sweetie.  Red females are uncommon (females with the red gene are usually torties).  She is a pretty cream classic tabby.

IMG_9297Kimi and Mika!

IMG_9230Kimi.  He’s a big fluffy cream classic tabby.

IMG_9197Mika, a red classic tabby girl, getting cozy with mom.

IMG_9264Julius is our curious boy, but he is also so sleepies.  He is the litter’s only mackerel tabby.

IMG_9131And finally Clementine, our other classic red tabby.  She is a bit lighter than her sister.

IMG_9202The milk bar.

IMG_9267And a kitty pinwheel.

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Look Who Just Arrived!

The gray one is a girl and the other two are boys.  Gray is the bold one, black is the shy one, tabby is the naughty one, and they need names!IMG_8384IMG_8386



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A Kitten Retrospective

Today, one of the last days before our kittens start going to their forever homes, I offer a seven-week retrospective.


IMG_55482 weeks

IMG_6581b9 weeks


IMG_55142 weeks

IMG_66428 weeks


IMG_55623 weeks

IMG_63858 weeks


IMG_55322 weeks

IMG_66359 weeks


IMG_55192 weeks

IMG_66159 weeks

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Do You Want to See the Kittens?

If you would like to meet Sweet Pea, Robbie, Freckle, and Dodger in person, they will be present tomorrow at the La Brea Tar Pits for the NKLA Adoption Weekend.  Look for the Kitten Rescue area!

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This Week in Kittens

Busy busy busy!  The vaccinated kittens are now allowed out of the kitten rooms and have had their first chance to meet another cat.  This went predictably.

IMG_6277IMG_6429IMG_6447bIf you’re wondering, this is by no means an unsuccessful cat introduction.  The kittens have never met an animal outside their family, and as for Motley, they’re sleeping in her linen closet!

IMG_6487Sweet Pea wasn’t too happy about it, either.  But they’ll learn to get along.

IMG_6333In the meantime, there’s a whole house out there for playing.

IMG_6355And lounging.

IMG_6418And there are laps to sleep in.

IMG_6339And sunbeams to pounce on.

IMG_6376And new friends to make.


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